Celebrity Sponsored Tweets: What The Stars Get Paid For Advertising In 140 Characters

When Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier this week “Pregnancy lips…. @EOS to the rescue! LOL” along with a photo of her using eos lip balm, we couldn’t help but wonder — what’s in it for her, really? Eos clearly benefits from having a high-profile celebrity use their product, but is Kim getting anything in return?

Though it is unclear if the Kardashian sister is in business with the cosmetics company, one thing is for sure: When Kim signs on to be a sponsored tweeter/publisher for a company, the brand gets a ton of exposure, and she gets a hefty paycheck in return. Such is the deal with sponsored tweets, just as with any other endorsement: Companies that sign celebrities on expect to extend their reach, captivate the celebrity’s fan base, and maximize results.

That’s where startups such as IZEA and Adly come in. They match advertisers with celebrities based on content, desired audience, and number of followers the famous face has. The Kardashians make sense when it comes to beauty products; Justin Bieber urging his Beliebers to send flowers to their mothers on Mother’s Day? Believable; Charlie Sheen linked with Internships.com? Plausible, and certainly happened.

Though Kim in particular doesn’t disclose her asking price to the press, speculations put her price tag at $20,000 per tweet. Per. Tweet. Sister Khloe clocks in at “just” $13,000 per sponsored tweet.

See what other celebrities get paid to utilize their fame in 140 characters:

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Read the original and complete version of this article here: Celebrity Sponsored Tweets: What The Stars Get Paid For Advertising In 140 Characters


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