Why Social Media Marketing Is Just Like Baseball

“There’s no crying in baseball.” Or social media marketing, for that matter.

Business and baseball have far more in common than you might initially think. The concept of interacting in “real-time” has always been relevant in the sport – players only have a certain amount of time in which to win the game. As digital capabilities increase, this is becoming true for social media as well – marketers have to keep on their toes and constantly monitor trends. If you tweet about an event (or try to run to home plate) six hours after the fact, you’re too late.

Just as there are fans in the stand, there are “fans” on Facebook. They may not be prepared to physically catch a fly ball, but they will certainly call out your fouls. Of course, they’ll also be there to commend a job well done – a team sweep or brand success.

Influencers are an important part of the social ecosystem, identifying trends, spreading the word and encouraging others to do the same. Whether it’s the Great Bambino or Mark Zuckerberg, the public listens to those with a presence. Aligning a brand with these prominent voices cultivates credibility and intrigue, spurring conversation.

There are numerous ways in which to approach social media marketing – and nothing can explain it better than baseball. Below is our latest infographic relating baseball game lingo to social media.

Notes and references:
Read the original and complete version of this article here: Why Social Media Marketing Is Just Like Baseball


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